@ Chateauform’ City - le Metropolitan, Paris

“Merci beaucoup pour tes jolies photos ! Elles sont vraiment superbes :)
J'espère qu'on pourra de nouveau travailler ensemble.”

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Conference photography for L'OPTIMISME (and its sister enterprise CHO LE CLUB) at the Chateauform’ City venue, “le Metropolitan”, in Paris’s 17th arrondissement. These guest speaker talks, VIP interviews, and panel discussions were the principal part of the enterprise’s first ever summit.

Following the guests arrival and registration, upon taking their seats they were “warmed-up” by an animator / comedian who got them on their feet, laughing and interacting. Few enterprise event’s I’ve covered have started in such a way, but I would fully recommend this method to any event organiser, as it is great for both relaxing and engaging attendees for the seating discussions that follow.

Seating was largely fixed to one side of the stage, so I had to move quite a lot to get balanced shots which included the client’s branding and event publicity material. Compared to the majority of event I cover, the auditorium was for the most part well lit and (most importantly for seminar photography) evenly lit.