@ Chateauform’ City - le Metropolitan, Paris

“Merci beaucoup pour tes jolies photos ! Elles sont vraiment superbes :)
J'espère qu'on pourra de nouveau travailler ensemble.”

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Workshop photography for L'OPTIMISME (and its sister enterprise CHO LE CLUB) at the Chateauform’ City venue, “le Metropolitan”, in Paris’s 17th arrondissement, as part of the enterprise’s first ever summit. Run by a variety of Paris enterprises and associations to compliment the summit’s main conference, these workshops encouraged small groups of guests to participate in sessions including tools such as music, virtual reality, games and painting.

As the setup for each workshop was very much hands-on and discussion-based, I was able to move around fairly freely without disturbing the proceedings. I always preferring to use ambient lighting (rather than flash) whenever photographing group interactions up close, and fortunately this was for the most part possible thanks to the well-lit rooms.