@ Chateauform’ City - le Metropolitan, Paris

“Merci beaucoup pour tes jolies photos ! Elles sont vraiment superbes :)
J'espère qu'on pourra de nouveau travailler ensemble.”

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Networking photography for L'OPTIMISME (and its sister enterprise CHO LE CLUB) at the Chateauform’ City venue, “le Metropolitan”, in Paris’s 17th arrondissement, taken throughout the breaks and the closing evening cocktail of the enterprise’s first ever summit.

The venues layout, with a large dedicated bar space, was perfect for the presentation and serving of the catering, and, in addition to food photography, also allowed for some clean shots of the well-presented kitchen team.

A nice touch of the event, and one I’ve seen used successfully on several occasions, was the enterprise’s hiring of a magician that toured the location drawing in groups of guests for presentations of digital magic tricks. As when photographing workshops, having subjects engaged in a common point of interest can help a photographer create images with much focus and energy.