My Private Photo Shoot sessions can be of interest to an endless range of clients, whether visitors to Paris or local Parisians. These can include a newly engaged couple, a family with young children, or a group of friends seeking the perfect travel souvenir of their Paris vacation.

Asides from Engagement Photography & Family Photography, types of Paris Photo Shoot can also include a surprise Marriage Proposal, a romantic Honeymoon Shoot or simply a private Solo Photo Session for an individual.


As a Lifestyle Photographer in Paris, my main focus for private photo shoots is capturing the emotion of the moment, and the chemistry and interaction between subjects, whether a couple, a family or a group of friends. Paris - as beautiful a backdrop as it is! - is very much a secondary consideration to me.

I balance of the ratio of portraits / candid shots depending on the "feel" of the shoot (i.e. what's working best in the moment) and, of course, the clients' preferences. Some Paris Photo Shoot clients are more at ease with candid photos; others with portraits - I simply adapt my approach and direction to suit.

As a general rule, I aim to direct as little as possible, so as to catch subjects at their most natural, but when clients prefer, I'm happy to play the boss :)


I want clients to fully benefit from having a private photo shoot with a professional photographer. I therefore suggest routes between and around key Paris locations that can be explored easily on foot, so that as much time as possible is spent capturing beautiful memories (and not in transport).

Here are some examples of great locations / routes:

➤ Bir-Hakeim Bridge to Place de Trocadéro (the Eiffel Tower viewpoint)

➤ Champs de Mars Gardens to Place to Trocadéro (Eiffel Tower viewpoint)

➤ Notre-Dame area

➤ Jardin des Tuileries to the Alexandre III Bridge

➤ Buttes Chaumont Park

➤ Luxembourg Gardens

The exact route and locations covered depend, of course, on the duration and rhythm of the shoot in question; if one specific area / backdrop works well with a certain client, it's always worth spending a little more time there.

The above are example routes / locations that are among the most popular.
If clients have their own preferences / suggestions, I'm all ears! :)



Multiple Shoots
If clients have the time, doing more than one shoot is very beneficial:

  1. We’ll be able to cover more than one location / area
    (without losing time in transport).

  2. Different clothing / looks can be adopted for each shoot,
    which really helps add variety to the final images.

  3. Clients will be “fresh” for each shoot - being a “model” can be surprisingly tiring after more than an hour, and there is nothing worse than when fatigue starts to show on otherwise beautiful faces :)

  4. I offer reduced prices for multiple shoots.

Trailing Shoot
Appreciating that certain vacationers / holidaymakers are on very tight schedules and may not have time for a directed photo shoot, I offer the option for clients to hire me to follow them around unobtrusively, taking candid photos of them as they explore Paris, at their own rhythm and following their own route / itinerary. With a Trailing Shoot, clients can focus 100% on enjoying Paris, without having to think about posing or being directed, whilst being assured they'll end up with beautiful photographs that document their day.

Surprise Marriage Proposal in Paris
For this option, I will arrange with the client that I be ready and waiting at the time and location of their preference. As with my Engagement Photo Sessions, I quote a fixed duration for the shoot (from my arrival at the location) so that, following the proposal, I spend any remaining time as I would with a standard Couple Photo Shoot: taking beautiful portraits and candid photographs of the happy couple in Paris.


Black & White Bonus
Photo Shoot clients receive an extra black & white edit of each photograph.


Q) What are your package prices?
I don't advertise fixed prices. I give personalized quotes, tailored to the specific needs of each client. This is due to both the diversity of my photography services and the fact that I want clients to get the best out of their budgets.

Q) We're a young couple on a tight travel budget - can you help?!
When requesting a quote clients have the opportunity to specify a "Budget", which helps me to make a proposal in their price range.

Q) How many photographs do you submit?
Unless clients specify an amount, I'll propose an image-count based on the scale and duration of the shoot. As with all other aspects of my quote, if what I suggest is not appropriate for a particular client, I'll modify the proposal.

Q) Following your submission, can I purchase more photos?
Absolutely - upon a client's request I can send previews of the outtakes from which they can choose additional photographs for me to edit.

Q) How long does a Paris Photo Shoot last?
As standard, I propose 1 hour photo shoots. In my experience, this allows enough time for the client to both "warm up" and to explore their chosen location comfortably "at 100% energy". Longer shoots can be tiring, especially for clients that are new to photo sessions, and tired faces are the first thing that comes across in photos and the last thing that we'd want to see! :)

For clients desiring several hours of shooting in one go, following their own itinerary, I propose a "Trailing Shoot" (see "SERVICE OPTIONS", above).

Q) I'd like to choose three locations that are far apart - is this possible?
Yes, although in such cases, I suggest a "Multiple Shoot" or "Trailing Shoot"
(see "SERVICE OPTIONS", above).

Q) We'd like to shoot at a private location - is this possible?
Absolutely - I shoot wherever the client desires.

Q) If we do a "Trailing Shoot" with you, is your transport included?
Yes, for public transport.

Q) We mainly want portraits. Is this possible?
Of course - if clients prefer, they can communicate a "shot guideline" specifying their desired split of each type of photograph they'd like to receive,
e.g. "80% candid, 20% portrait".

Q) We've never done a Photo Session before - we're nervous!
Around 1/2 of my new clients are "newbies", so I'm used to this! :)
Don't worry - no matter a clients' experience, I help every step of the way.

Q) We've very young children - can you handle them? :)
I've had clients as young as 1 year old, so no problem there :)

Q) How do we stay in touch and communicate on the day?
I'm always contactable by email, phone, text message etc, though I recommend clients to use Whatsapp for the day of the shoot. It's proven to be practical.

Q) It's my first time in Paris; I'm worried about finding my way around.
Following their booking, clients receive an email containing some
"Pre-Shoot Tips", which includes practical information such as transport etc.
In any case, I'm always available to offer help and advice, whenever needed.

Q) How do I book?
Once all shoot preferences (location, date etc) have been confirmed, I send payment details. Once I’ve received the reservation fee, the booking's made!

Q) What if it rains?
In the case that weather prevented shooting (e.g. heavy rain), should an alternative date not be possible, the booking fee will be refunded. However, if it’s just a case of an overcast sky or very light rain, where the shoot would still be possible, the shoot goes ahead - I can't guarantee the weather I'm afraid! :)

I want clients to have the best experience possible and the best photographs possible. If the forecast proves to be better the day before / the day after, provided that I am still available, I am happy to switch days.

Q) Once I've booked, can I change the date / time of the photo shoot?
If it's feasible my side, I'll always endeavour to accommodate such requests,
but, needless to say, the sooner they are made, the better! :)

Q) Once I've booked, what if we have to cancel?
In all cases of cancellation by the client, the reservation fee / down-payment is, of course, non-refundable.

However, if the client is cancelling due to a change in their schedule, provided that I am still available, I am happy to change the date of the photo shoot.

Q) Why should I hire Brett Walsh Photography?

Q) I've other questions!