Allen and Fran

@ Debilly Footbridge (Passerelle Debilly), Paris

“It wouldn’t have been the same without you there. The photos look great thank you so much for everything”
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A late-morning surprise marriage proposal and natural light photo session at Debilly Footbridge (Passerelle Debilly) for a (now) bride and groom to be from Los Angeles, visiting Paris as part of a European vacation.

As I outline in my article, Choosing a Time of Day, for the best light possible, I always advise clients to book their photo shoot either early morning or late evening. However, there are always cases where, due to restrictive schedules, this simply isn’t possible. This shoot started around 11:00, which on an early September’s morning is about 4 hours after sun rise. When the sun so high in the sky, I have to direct and position clients a lot more to avoid them casting shadows on one another and also to avoid hard contrasts; as the result of this assignment demonstrated, despite being more restricted in their movements, beautiful moments can be captured at any time of the day - that’s my job after all :)

All of this shoot took place on the bridge itself, which offers a very decent close view of the Eiffel Tower, without a fraction of the tourist crowd that is present at more common viewpoints such as Trocadéro; for the late time of day in the high tourist season, Debilly Footbridge (Passerelle Debilly), is a very decent location for lifestyle photography. Also, with other bridges now taking measures to deter couples placing love locks (love padlocks), this location seems to have picked up the gauntlet for the preservation of this tourist tradition, so it was great to include at least one show with these items.