@ Le Sénat, Paris

“We really enjoyed working with you and the photos look great. I will definitely reach out again if we are in need of a photographer in Paris…Once again, thank you for your very good work and professionalism.”

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Conference photography at the French Senate, Paris, for the French-Norwegian Chamber of Commerce, to cover an environmental forum of around 150 participants.

The atmosphere of the conference was very relaxed. Within the conference hall, I was given no restrictions on where I could shoot, something which always helps me to do my job that little bit better. Just being able to get a handful of photos from the speakers’ perspective, for example, really adds another layer to the story of the proceedings.

Due to very tight security restrictions for photographers, I was only able to shoot within the client’s designated spaces. Luckily, most of the pre-event networking took place in the conference room itself, so no moments were missed.

In addition to photography, the client also required video footage of the event, which also included a post-conference networking cocktail.

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