Fernando & Bianca

@ Trocadéro Plaza / Place du Trocadéro, 75016, Paris

"Thanks so much for the pictures. They are beautiful!"
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Another surprise marriage proposal at Trocadéro Plaza, for clients visiting from Chicago.

Not being available for an early morning shoot (which, ideally, should start not long after sunrise), this client opted for a later shoot at 10:30. This meant, inevitably, that the plaza was already teeming with sightseers and that getting a "clean" shot of the proposal (i.e. with no "passersby" in the background) was simply not possible. Regardless of how good the "live" proposal photographs will be, I'll always encourage clients to do a "staged" proposal following the real one. This is not only often very humorous (after the nerves of the real thing!), but it also allows the time to capture a second, more intimate, idealized proposal pose.

I always encourage proposal photo shoot clients to really take there time during the proposal; that includes both the build up, the "popping the question", and, just as importantly, those cherished moments that follow the "yes!". Whilst I adore taking candid photos of my Paris Photo Shoot clients whilst they "forget I'm there", there is nothing more natural than capturing the moments following a surprise proposal when subjects (well, the "bride-to-be", at least) are still entirely unaware of the presence of a photographer. In the case of this shoot, I was able to capture such photographs for around 20 minutes (prior to being "discovered"!) , which really is ideal.

As the photographs reveal, there was certainly no lack of emotion in this shoot. It was an absolute pleasure to have captured these memories for them.