@ Institut Pasteur, Paris

“Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures, they look very nice and we are very happy with them! Thank you so much! Good to see that you managed to photograph so many speakers in so many different settings, both during the reception and while seated in the audience. After events, we send participants collages which sometimes looks a bit static because of all the images that look similar but this time there was a nice balance. The linkedin post with the collage has been viewed over 2200 times already 😊. Also our staff looks really good in the pictures! Should we have an event in Paris again, I will be sure to contact you again!”

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Coverage of an evening event for the Dutch medical institute NIIOS at the Institut Pasteur, one of the world's leading research centres, which houses a dedicated large-capacity conference hall and reception facility.

In addition to photographs of the many speakers who presented and the social interaction of guests before and following the presentations, I also provided video and sound footage from an introductory concert (using a dedicated stereo microphone) and took both posed and spontaneous group portraits of both the event planners and the alumni.