Sarah (2)

@ Panthéon | Place de la Contrescarpe | Rue Rollin | Jardin des Plantes, 75005, Paris

"Wow, that turnaround was so fast! Thank you! I’ve gone and downloaded that link, some really great photos there, thank you for always giving such great direction, you’re a pleasure to work with. I had a lot of fun!"


Individual Paris lifestyle shoot around the main attractions of Paris’s 5th district, otherwise known as the “Latin Quarter”. These images were taken for a returning American client based in Florida, who wanted professional photographs for both private and personal use.

A very overcast but bright morning, granted us not only some very decent portrait light, but also some very deserted streets, which in the tourist centre of the 5ème arrondissement is certainly a luxury… this photoshoot route is comparable to my Notre-Dame lifestyle session route, in that it offers so much variety over such a short distance and also some great level changes.

It was great working with this client again after our initial shoot (two years prior), not only because she’s such a pleasure to work with, but also because of her change in style since then :)