@ L'Hôtel du Collectionneur, Paris

“Thank you so much for the photographs – they’re amazing and give a really good taste of the event! Huge thanks for all your hard work…, it really was a pleasure working with you.”

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TAXAND’s multi-day annual event was focused around this main conference, which consisted of extended talks, panel discussions, and Q&A sessions.

Despite a very full room on the first and main conference day, I was able to weave my way to the front to capture up-close photographs of the participants on stage. From experience, this is really essential for effectively capturing their profile in both a clear and interesting manner; whilst zooming from the far back is possible, due the the audience height, that really only allows more static looking eye-level shots.

As usual, I also made sure to capture the empty stage set ups and the clients branding, both with and without the audience present. Rather than the standard roll-up banners (which are popular as they’re easier to transport) the branding was printed on illuminated boxes, which lined the whole event space; these really helped to brand the whole space and make sure that the sponsors etc were clearly communicated visually. I won’t hesitate to recommend this idea to clients in the future.