The Tiens (2)

@ Notre Dame, 75004, Paris

"We couldn’t wait to come home to see the photographs. My wife was so amazed at how well they turned out, she literally had tears from seeing them. You did a marvelous job, capturing the joy and love of our family. We were very glad to have worked with you on the shoot. We are extremely satisfied with the results and words can’t capture how thankful we were to have you be our photographer on those two wonderful and memorable mornings."


The 2nd of 2 x Private Photo Sessions, around the Notre Dame area, with this American couple and their two children, the youngest being just 16 months old.

The initial brief was to do 1 x 2 hour session, but I advised the clients to do 2 x photo shoots instead; I don't recommend long photo shoots anyway, and I knew that with such young children, 2 x shorter sittings would be far more advisable. With different clothing and fresh energy for each shoot, added to the variety they had in terms of Paris locations, the family were very pleased I proposed this option.