I'm Brett, an English professional photographer based in Paris.
I specialise in Corporate Event & Lifestyle Photography.

I offer a wide range of photographic services in Paris and around, for a diverse clientele, from large organisations to private clients.

In addition to being a native English speaking photographer,
I also speak French, German, Spanish & Portuguese.

No matter the size of the task, don't hesitate to get in touch:


I photograph company events ranging from high-level conferences and seminars to formal networking evenings and workshops, from trade shows and sales conventions, to Paris dinner cruises and team building events. My business clientele is both high-level and extremely diverse, as are the well-known Paris event locations I have had the pleasure to work at. Event coverage demanding various subjects be photographed all within the context of the same assignment, my event services also encompass on location portraiture architectural photography and the creation of branding imagery.

This private photography session in the French capital, is most popular with international visitors, including both vacationers and those in town for business. Benefiting from my experience not only as a lifestyle photographer, but as a permanent resident of Europe’s most romantic city, my clients - whether a couple, family, group or individual - can choose their favourite Paris location to be photographed. Natural light photo tours don't only make fantastic souvenirs for vacationers; they can also capture many a once in a lifetime moments such as a surprise marriage proposal, an engagement celebration or a young child’s first European trip with their parents.

Both Parisians and visitors of Paris desiring a destination wedding can benefit from my experience in photographing both church weddings and registry office / town hall weddings. This service combines the best elements of my experience in both high-level company event coverage and in directing private lifestyle shoots: telling the best story of a formal occasion through a complete professional coverage with a focus on capturing the very best of the emotion and joy of a once in a lifetime occasion. Additional wedding photography services include engagement photography and pre and post wedding photo shoots.

Whether corporate portraiture for business professionals or promotional head shots for artists, my clients can choose to have their private photography session at both the location of their choosing or in my Paris photo studio. With regards to outdoor portraits, whether natural light or strobe, my knowledge of the city enables me to provide visitors with the best advice on which location will best suit their individual photography needs.

Whether for press, commercial, associative or private purposes, I can document activities ranging from sport events to public demonstrations, from institutional projects to community schemes. Specialising in candid photography, the fly-on-the-wall approach that is so indicative of this genre is second-nature to me, which is why my skills are perfectly adapted to photojournalism.

With a background practicing both music and theatre, live performance was an innate aspect of my creative expertise, long before becoming a photographer. A photographic genre often combined, as a package service, with both individual and team portraits, I can document any form of live production or preparatory rehearsal, whether for a classical orchestra concert, a modern music gig, or a theatre or dance rendition.

Whether for an isolated assignment or as part of a larger commission such as a trade convention sales fair, still life photography is an integral part of all of my client work. The promotional merchandise, whatever its form, can either be brought to my studio to be lit under an endless choice of controlled lighting setups, or be photographed at the clients chosen location under either ambient (available) light or that of the chosen lighting equipment I will bring with me.

Whether the office building of large organisation, a small business premises or an independent property, my work as an interior and architectural photographer will render any premises as spacious, luminous and inviting as is visually possible. Experienced in efficiently photographing multiple and diverse Parisian locations within a daily timeframe, I can accommodate even the most demanding shoot schedules.

My videography can be booked in addition to photographic documentary, or as a separate creative service. Though my work as a videographer is very much secondary to photography, my footage has nonetheless been well-received in the context of a high-level assignment.




Continually Satisfied Clients

Consistent Professional Quality
When you hire me, all of your images will be “keepers”, not just a select few. That’s why, when I advertise my work, I don’t need to rely on (or hide behind) “best of” slideshows etc; I publish a broad selection of images from each shoot to give prospective clients a true idea of what to really expect (under each photo service I offer, you can scroll down to find complete case studies).

Commissioning me, you are not just booking the service of a photography business; you are hiring a passionate creative that always strives to make each new task his best work to date.

Value for Money & Service
For the quality of photographs I submit, I am truly unbeatable price-wise. I do not advertise fixed tariffs or hourly rates, because; my quotes are tailored each client's specific needs and budgets.

When I give a proposal, I quote a "minimum" number of photographs the client will receive (e.g. "at least XX photos"). This is because, if there are just a couple of extra shots I could include that I know a client will appreciate, I'll put the extra time in my side.

Likewise, when commissioning me for specific shooting periods, whether for 1 hour, an evening, or an entire day, I am never “on the minute”; if it is beneficial for the shoot, and I am available, I will put that extra time in for you.

As any of my past and current clients will testify, I’m always there to answer questions and offer advice through all stages of the creative process.

In addition to being a French speaking native English photographer, I also speak German, Spanish & Portuguese, which is practical for both international private clients and for Events with international guests. With the majority of my private clientele being English speakers, and the majority of my corporate assignments being for international events, I am of course most accustomed to directing clients and exchanging with guests in the English language. I am however comfortable in working in any other of the above mentioned languages.

Asides from my professional photography experience, I also possess 8 years' previous experience in digital graphic design. This gives me not only an advanced knowledge of image editing, but also a full appreciation as to how enterprise clients need to receive their images, in order for them to employed easily and effectively for marketing purposes (whether online or print).

I give comprehensive quotes so as to give full clarity about both the service/s offered and the digital submissions clients will receive. Likewise, in response to each client request or brief, I assure that all parties have established the essential information pertaining to every aspect of the shoot so that the final images will meet or exceed expectations.

Professional Equipment
Be assured that my cameras and lenses are fully professional. Whilst one would think this to be completely obvious, you will find that an alarming amount of advertised photographers don't use truly professional equipment. A professional camera and lens setup provides the professional image definition that will be evident in no matter what context your images will be used; do not accept anything less.



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