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Q) What are your rates / package prices?
I don't advertise fixed prices; I give personalised quotes, tailored to the specific needs of each client. This is due to both the diversity of the services I offer and the fact that I want clients to get the best out of their specific budgets.

For the same reason, when I quote, I generally propose a variety of price options for different amounts of photographs; from experience, for exactly the same task (e.g. a full day corporate event), different clients can have completely different requirements with regards to the number of images they receive.

With every other aspect of my proposals, I aim to be as flexible and as accommodating as possible. Should you receive a quote that, for whatever reason, does not suit your purposes, I would encourage you to communicate this, so that, if possible, I can modify it as appropriate. Should you be looking for a photograph service within a specific budget, as you’ll see on my quote form, I likewise encourage that this be communicated; that way I can do my utmost to provide (at least some) options around it.

Q) I've a fixed budget; can you accommodate?
I openly encourage clients to communicate any specific budget they may have, so that, if possible, I can propose options that are feasible price-wise.

Q) Do you offer discounts for multiple shoots?
I certainly do - the more services clients book together, the better value a proposal I can make. This is the case, for example, for businesses wishing to organise a cluster of events within the same month, or private clients wishing for lifestyle photo shoots in different locations around Paris, on different days.

Q) When will I receive the photos / what is your turnaround time (TAT)?
Even for large-scale commissions, my standard turnaround time is extremely fast. Depending of course on my availability following an assignment, I can usually meet any deadline requested.

Q) Who selects the images?
Unless otherwise requested before the assignment, I select the final photographs myself, and I strongly recommend this for several reasons:

1) viewing the images in my editing software I can accurately assess image quality (e.g. sharpness) and what each image can become through post-production, meaning you will get the very best selection in terms of quality.

2) by doing the image selection myself, the quoted turnaround time (TAT) will apply, meaning you will receive the final photographs much more quickly and by a specific date; otherwise, I will have to wait until you have communicated your selection until I can even start the editing process, and how long that will take will simply depend on my availability at the given time.

3) selecting the images yourself demands a substantial time investment on the part of the client; this is all the more so without dedicated software and for assignments where many photographs are taken, such as in event photography.

For clients who would nonetheless like to select their own photographs, I send low-resolution image previews (via Dropbox) from which they can make their selection (referencing the image-number of each chosen photograph).

Q) What image format and resolution do you submit?
I submit professionally edited / retouched digital photographs in high-quality JPEG (.jpg) format.

All submissions include 2 resolution exports of each image; 1 for viewing on a screen and 1 for printing.

For my wedding, lifestyle and portrait photography services, clients also receive an additional black & white edit of each photograph.

As standard, I submit each image in the native 2x3 / 3x2 size ratio; depending on the assignment, I will also include additional ratios (e.g. 1x1) of all or certain images.

I am always more than happy to accommodate any specific requirements clients may.

Q) We have very specific retouch requirements, can you assist?
Absolutely - note that, as a former graphic designer, I can gladly accept requests for projects demanding an advanced level of post-production (e.g. image compositing for an advertising campaign).

Q) Our final images must have a branded watermark. Is this possible?
Absolutely - all I need is the appropriate material (i.e. the watermark image).

Q) Can you provide prints / printed photographs?
I only submit digital image files. However, for all assignments, you will receive an additional version of each image file that is specific for printing purposes.

Q) Where can we see comprehensive case studies of your past photo assignments?
On this website, under each photo service I offer, you will find full examples of past assignments.

Q) Do you travel outside of Paris?
Yes, I can gladly accept photography assignments elsewhere in France and abroad.

Q) What camera do you use?

Q) Can you travel to the client?
Absolutely - most of my work is location-based :)

Q) How will I receive my photographs?
You will receive a private Dropbox link to a exclusive folder where you can view and download the final images. You can share this link as you desire and it remains available for as long as you need; this is practical for both business clients who may wish to distribute images to multiple departments and sponsors as well as directly to the attendees of theirs event, and to private clients who will often want to share their images with family and friends as soon as possible.

Q) We want our event captured in both still images and film - can you assist?

Q) How will I receive video files ?
The submission will either be made via a private google drive or via an external hard drive transfer, which could be done directly after the event. This will depend on the amount of video files and their total file size, and also on whether you have requested a finished, post-produced video, or just unedited video footage. If you have specific requirements regarding the submission of your digital media files, simply let me know.

Q) Why should I hire Brett Walsh Photography?

Q) I've other questions!
See the specific FAQ on the page of the photography service you're interested in. Should you still not find what you're looking for, simply get in touch: