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Q) How will I receive my photographs?
You will receive a private Dropbox link to a folder where you can view and download the final images, which remains available for as long as you need (practical for, for example, sharing between multiple recipients, such as company departments and event guests).

Q) Do you submit prints / printed photographs?
I only submit digital image files. However, as stated above, you will receive an additional version of each image file that is specific for printing purposes.

Q) What are your rates / package prices for photography and video?
I don't advertise fixed prices; I give personalised quotes, tailored to the specific needs of each client. This is due to both the diversity of the services I offer and the fact that I want clients to get the best out of their specific budgets.

Q) Who selects the images?
Typically I make image selections myself, and I strongly recommend this: firstly, I can accurately assess image quality (e.g. sharpness) and thereby what each image can become through editing; secondly, by doing the image selection myself, the quoted turnaround time (TAT) will count from the day of the shoot, meaning you will receive the final photographs by an agreed date. Nonetheless, should clients wish to do the selection, I can gladly send previews for them to choose from.

Q) When will I receive the photos / what is your turnaround time (TAT)?
My standard turnaround time, even for large-scale commissions, is extremely fast. Depending on my availability, I can usually meet any deadline requested.

Q) Do you offer discounts for multiple shoots?
I certainly do - the more services clients book, the better value my quotes for creative services.

Q) I've a fixed budget; can you accommodate?
I openly encourage clients to communicate any specific budget they may have, so that I may provide affordable proposals.

Q) What image format and resolution will I receive my photographs in?
I submit professionally edited / retouched digital photographs in high-quality JPEG (.jpg) format, exported for both digital screen viewing and printing. For certain photography services, my quote may also include additional edits of each image, e.g. lifestyle photo session and portrait clients will receive additional black & white versions of each photograph.

Q) We need photographs in a specific size format. Is this possible?
Absolutely - clients simply need to communicate such needs in their brief. As with all aspects of my service, if clients have preferences or specific requirements regarding their final images, I'm always happy to oblige.

Q) Our final images must have a branded watermark. Is this possible?
Absolutely - all I need is the appropriate material.

Q) We have specific retouch requirements, can you assist?
As a former graphic designer, I can gladly accept commissions demanding an advanced level of post-production (e.g. image compositing for an advertising campaign).

Q) Do you travel outside of Paris?
Yes, I can gladly accept photography assignments elsewhere in France and abroad.

Q) Can you travel to the client?
Absolutely - most of my work is location-based.

Q) Why should I hire Brett Walsh Photography?

Q) I've other questions!
See the specific FAQ on the page of the photography service you're interested in. Should you still not find what you're looking for, simply get in touch: