(Videography at the French Senate. Post-production by client)

Whilst my camera and lenses are more than suitable for capturing high-quality video footage, if you require both photography and videography services simultaneously, so as to guarantee a complete documentary in both photographs and video, in the first instance, in addition to my services as a professional photographer, I strongly advise clients to consider hiring a specialised and dedicated videographer.

There are, of course, however, situations where hiring two separate professionals is simply unfeasible or indeed unnecessary for a client, whether this is due to budget constraints or simply because film footage is very much of secondary importance. If this is the case for you, for an additional fee, in addition to photographs, I can film, provide video footage with sound, and also propose fundamental post-production.

If you have a project that requires videography, either on it’s own or in addition to photography, and you would like more information about this, don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d be very happy to accommodate.