Sofia | Rila Mountains | Pirin Mountains | Plovdiv
(October 2012)

Camera :
Canon 550D

A fantastic 10-day hiking / Landscape Photography trip, which, as a bonus, allowed me to capture a handful of Street photographs and even some Portraits of Strangers.

Arriving in Sofia, where I stayed with friends I'd made during my Erasmus year (in Utrecht, Holland), I traveled firstly to the Rila Mountains, which is the home of the famous Seven Lakes region. After 3 nights I moved onto the rocky Pirin Mountains for several nights, before finishing in Plovdiv.

For Landscape Photography, October is famously the perfect month, with the sun's position affording the best amount of contrast. Rila was exactly as I expected at this time - clear skies and crisp hard light. The conditions arriving in the Pirin region had dramatically changed and the sky was rarely to be seen. However, as I'd intended to use HDR retouching to a good amount in post-production, even the most subtle contrasts in cloud formations were brought to life in the finished images; after editing, the photographs from the Pirin region were among my favourites.