Zagreb | Plitvice Lakes National Park | Istrian Peninsula
(February 2011)

Camera :
Canon 550D | Canon ix800

Photographs taken during a week's "road trip" in northern Croatia. Arriving in Zagreb, we traveled to the Plitvice Lakes, before moving onto the Istrian Peninsula.

Seeing the lakes in their near iced-over state is a really unique experience, bearing no relation to the typical "postcard imagery" of the park. The winter mist really added to the atmosphere, as did the fact that, given the conditions, my friends and I were almost the only visitors. Due to the unclear conditions, I had to bump up the contrast quite considerably in post-production, but the falls were nonetheless a joy to photograph.

Arriving in Pula, a much welcomed clear sky greeted us. Although it's largely closed off to the public, the port was great to photography; where gaps in the fence allowed.