Born in

Lived in
Holland, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Germany

Home is

Works in
Paris, Île-de-France

English 🇬🇧, French 🇫🇷, German 🇩🇪, Spanish 🇪🇸, Portuguese 🇧🇷

Graduated with
1st Class Honours BA from the University of Kent

Events, Lifestyle Photo Shoots, Performance, Journalism

Hired by
international companies, visitors of Paris

Experienced in
Photography, Graphic Design, Advertising, Communication, Performance

passionate, energetic, meticulous, organised

challenge, clarity, professionalism



I’m a visual storyteller, and I love my job.

I’m also an English creative who has spend the past 14 years abroad.

I first left England to live overseas when I moved to Holland for an Erasmus study year. For the next several years I taught English in Spain, Chile and Brazil, before moving to Germany, where, following two internships of learning “on the job'“, I worked as a full-time Graphic Designer in several digital advertising agencies. After 4 years spent working in Hamburg and Berlin, I moved to Paris, where, while permanently employed as digital designer in a French international agency, I began freelancing in photography; as of 2018, I work exclusively as a Paris photographer, specialising in Corporate Events and Private Lifestyle Sessions.

My Design expertise remains of immeasurable benefit to my sense of composition, my attention to detail, and, of course, my post-production skills. Asides from the fact I have always been 100% at ease behind a camera, my decision to transition from Design to Photography was ultimately due to its essential focus on human interaction, which is of fundamental importance for development as an artist, a professional freelancer, and as a person: I’m someone that thrives on being around people, which is no doubt why I’ve felt more at home than ever living in large, cosmopolitan cities such as Berlin and Paris. In a professional context, whether taking candid images of guests at a corporate event or directing private clients on a lifestyle photo shoot, interacting with others is paramount to learning, and, thereby, to assuring myself that each new submission will be my best work yet.


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