I grew up and studied in England, before commencing what has become 13 years of international experience: my now 4-year residence in Paris, follows time spent living in Germany, Brazil, Chile & Spain, proceeded by an Erasmus year in Holland, which concluded a 1st-Class Arts-Based University Degree from the University of Kent.

In addition to being a native English speaker, I have made a conscious effort to learn the language of each country in which I have lived; I therefore also speak French, German, Spanish & Portuguese.

Enhancing my sense of composition, attention to detail, and post-production skills are 8 years' agency experience as a graphic designer, a previous creative profession that also grew from my passion for visual art (notably painting).

My patience and efficiency for directing all ages are facilitated by several years' experience in teaching.

My initial interest in photography was sparked during a pre-university gap year in Peru & Mexico. Subsequent traveling gradually encouraged the documentary style which is now the basis for my work.

When I'm not behind a camera, I enjoy Paris's Art & Cultural events, sport, and independent travel.

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